We Want To Fight For You

Personal Injury — We Don't Get Paid Unless You Do

Few things are as frightening as suffering an injury and being unable to get the medical care you need. Whether you have health insurance or not, getting access to quality health care can be a challenge, especially after an accident.

We understand. As a law firm with a focus on accidents, our experienced attorneys have helped people through nearly every situation associated with car and other motor vehicle accidents. We have a network of doctors who will see our clients, regardless of their insurance status. You can also rely on us for help with other insurance issues, medical bills and getting rental cars. We represent South Carolina residents and visitors.

Cobb, Dill & Hammett, LLC, is a full-service firm committed to helping clients resolve all problems caused by a vehicle accident or injury resulting from another's negligence. Our lawyers will treat you with respect and compassion as we work to recover compensation. All consultations are free, and we work on contingency fees, which means we don't get paid unless you get paid. You pay nothing upfront.

If It's Personal To You, It's Personal To Us

We take our jobs as legal advocates seriously. We know that your well-being depends on receiving compensation for all of your losses. Because insurance companies treat people unfairly, however, you will need a lawyer to fight for you. Attorney Michael Dill has considerable insurance industry experience as well as an undergraduate degree that includes an emphasis on risk management and insurance. He knows how to make insurance companies pay out the compensation you deserve.

Read about Michael Dill's latest case, which has been moved to federal court.

All attorneys at the firm strive to be accessible at all times. Michael Dill has calls forwarded to his cellphone and encourages clients to call anytime. We explain rights and options in language people can understand, and take the time to understand all of our clients' needs.

We want to be your lifetime firm, handling any legal need you have in the future. We offer a Legal Protection Plan that includes free services and reduced fees.