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Divorces often involve child custody arrangements, child support agreements, and decisions regarding the division of marital property. In addition to all these challenges, navigating alimony issues in a divorce can become overwhelming. However, depending on your facts and circumstances, you may have the legal right to receive alimony from your spouse. 

The team of experienced Charleston, South Carolina alimony attorneys at Cobb, Dill & Hammett, LLC have represented numerous clients seeking or negotiating alimony. Leveraging our many years of experience and breadth of legal knowledge, our compassionate divorce attorneys have successfully negotiated agreements for our clients that ensure their financial and legal rights remain protected. If you are considering a divorce, or are in the midst of a divorce proceeding, consider visiting with our legal team today at 843-936-6680. We would welcome the opportunity to visit with you to help answer your questions regarding alimony in your specific circumstance.

What Is Alimony?

Alimony is court-ordered financial support awarded to one spouse after a divorce or legal separation. The purpose of alimony is to equalize the financial resources of a separating couple and provide financial support to a deserving party. In essence, alimony is used to provide one spouse with a similar standard of living that he/she enjoyed during marriage. It should be noted that alimony can also be referred to as spousal support, and many people use these terms interchangeably. 

It should be noted that South Carolina differs from many other states when it comes to alimony. Specifically, Section 20-3-130 of the South Carolina Code states that alimony cannot be awarded to a spouse who commits adultery before the dissolution of the marriage. It is important to take this into consideration, as South Carolina courts place emphasis and importance on adultery when making alimony determinations.

Providing Comprehensive Alimony Counsel

Many people assume that financial obligations to their partners end after a divorce is finalized. However, if the court orders alimony payments, then spouses are bound by this obligation. Failure to pay alimony can result in severe legal and financial consequences. 

At Cobb, Dill & Hammett, LLC, we have represented clients at all points of the divorce process, including determinations of alimony. We offer a variety of legal services that impact alimony, including: 

  • Calculating an appropriate alimony amount 
  • Negotiating the final alimony payment amount
  • Altering prearranged alimony amounts
  • Filing a lawsuit if your ex-spouse refuses to pay court-ordered alimony 

As litigators and negotiators, our experienced legal team always seeks to keep legal proceedings as simple and seamless as possible. Our family law attorneys always attempt to reach a settlement regarding alimony payments that are equitable and fair, However, if compromise is not possible, we will not hesitate to aggressively litigate the matter in court to ensure that your financial rights remain protected.

Alimony in South Carolina

When a spouse requests alimony in South Carolina, the court will consider a variety of factors and circumstances in order to make an appropriate alimony order. South Carolina Code Section 20-3-130 sets forth several different types of alimony, including:

  • Alimony pendente lite
  • Periodic alimony
  • Lump-sum alimony
  • Rehabilitative alimony
  • Reimbursement alimony
  • Separate maintenance

Each form of alimony carries with it different legal responsibilities. For a clearer understanding of the different types of alimony that may pertain to your specific situation, consider contacting our alimony attorneys at Cobb, Dill & Hammett, LLC. We would welcome the opportunity to answer your questions.

As mentioned, South Carolina judges will weigh a variety of factors when deciding the type, amount, and duration of alimony payments. Some of these factors include:

  • Duration of the marriage
  • Age of each spouse
  • Physical and emotional conditions
  • Educational and employment history
  • Marital standard of living
  • Current and expected expenses of each spouse 
  • Property and asset division
  • Marital fault
  • Tax consequences
  • Child custody and support

South Carolina law allows judges to take into consideration any factor that they deem relevant. Therefore, alimony decisions are largely left up to the discretion of the judge. For this reason, seeking legal assistance in alimony negotiations can be valuable, and help ensure that your financial rights remain protected.

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Alimony negotiations can be legally complex, and it is often difficult to anticipate how a South Carolina court will rule in such situations. It is important to be as prepared as possible during alimony negotiations and ensure that you fully understand the legal implications surrounding any and all alimony payments. 

Not all attorneys have the skill and expertise to negotiate alimony. At Cobb, Dill & Hammett, LLC, we prioritize offering comprehensive legal services that touch on all areas of family law. As such, we proudly represent clients in alimony negotiations and advocate for their rights at every step of the process. Let our experienced family law attorneys handle the complex legal matters, so you can focus on your family. Call us today at 843-936-6680 to get started.